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We are Civil and Structural Engineers with project experience such as mixed-use retail, residential projects and logistics facilities. We operate in Ireland, UK and the Middle East.

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At the core of our business, we are able to provide these services through all stages of the design and construction process. From feasibility and site analysis, through Scheme, Planning, Detailed and Construction.

Cross Sector Expertise

We have in house experience across multiple sectors including Industrial, Logistics, Infrastructure, Domestic, Residential, Commercial, Retail, Leisure, Education

Structural Engineering

Our experienced teams offer structural engineering design consultancy services across a wide range of sectors.

We pride ourselves on supporting clients from early feasibility and concept stages through detailed design and construction.

We keep an open mind at early stages to explore a wide range of solutions before settling on an optimum solution based on our clients’ needs and responding to site specific constraints.

We aim to challenge the brief at early stages to work out what is important to our clients and what is truly driving the form and function of their schemes.

We continue to explore technology to optimise the software solutions we utilise for the job in hand.

Some of our expertise include:

Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineers are experienced in supporting clients through all stages of feasibility, planning, design and construction phases of their projects.

Our team actively engage with local authorities, utilities and infrastructure bodies from early on in a projects life to de-risk and unlock sites.

Some of our expertise include:

Value Engineering Studies

We pride ourselves in seeing the opportunities in things that others see as obstacles and we have a unique way of ‘seeing around corners’ for our clients benefit.

Our approach to design solutions that provides the optimal combination of operational efficiency and whole life cost has led us to providing value engineering services on multiple third party designs.

These value engineering studies have been completed for both clients and contractors and have involved reviewing third party schemes, making proposals to adjust designs in order to help them make improvements that better suit programme, cost or other project specific targets.

Client Representative

EirEng provide a technical reviewing role for clients on multiple projects. Our experience across a wide range of sectors enables us to ensure the client’s needs are met whilst challenging third parties to ensure designs are optimised. We provide this role through all stages from scheme design to construction and practical completion. Our technical reviewing role assists our clients in maintaining quality and ensuring that they get a product delivered to their exacting specifications.

Feasibility Studies

We undertake early-stage options studies and analyses of proposed sites for our clients to assist in site selection or alternatively whether an existing building suits their needs. This service includes advise on civil and structural site abnormals to enable feasibility budgets to be well informed.

Connection Design

We have retained detailed connection design skillsets within our team enabling us to work with contractors and fabricators to undertake connection designs on their behalf at detailed and construction design stages.

We delve into the nuts, bolts, welds and plates using techniques from hand calculations to FE analysis using the latest industry design software. This experience in connection design also transfers to our principal design solutions to ensure that build ability is a key driver in the designs that we produce.

Reinforcement Detailing

While many larger practices have continued to steer away from the responsibility of producing reinforcement detailing, we maintain RC detailing as an in-house skill. This ensures a fully coordinated reinforced solution where member size and reinforcement quantity and installation have been thought through.


Our engineers have a strong understanding of sustainability concepts throughout the built environment. We have been engaging with our clients to monitor the embodied carbon of our proposed schemes, developing toolsets and workflows to improve our designs on a continual basis.

We challenge ourselves to employ the key principles of designing our structures to high utilisation ratios, rationalised design loads, utilise prefabrication techniques, and exploring material selection of timber and light gauge steel where possible.

MMC, DFMA & Modular Construction

We seek out opportunities to increase offsite construction in all our projects in order to take advantage of programme, quality and sustainability benefits.

We have been working closely with prefabricated modular construction specialists and contractors to help them bring their volumetric modular solutions to market.

These designs ensure the method of construction, connections and sequencing is as streamlined as possible to reduce the amount of site works required.


EirEng have carried out a number of projects for Shannon Foynes Port Company including the rehabilitation of the East Road within the Port. We were also involved in the provision of a new footbridge for Wicklow County Council and recently completed the Drainage Assessment of the existing catchment for Altnagelvin Hospital.

All our work has sustainability at the core of its design, and we make significant contributions to the BREEAM assessments on our projects…