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We are Civil and Structural Engineers with project experience such as mixed-use retail, residential projects and logistics facilities. We operate in Ireland, UK and the Middle East.

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Dorney Court, Shankill

Dorney Court, Shankill

This project in Shankill, Dublin entailed a rear extension of the existing dwelling by removing an existing conservatory and constructing a new support structure to create an open dining and living area.

A challenge on this project was the existing party wall between the adjacent properties. The party wall was required to support the proposed roof of the extension and therefore permissions and party wall agreement were required from the adjacent property owner.

Our calculation showed that the existing wall did not have sufficient capacity to support the roof of the extension and considering the possible future extension of the adjacent property. The existing wall was subsequently demolished and rebuilt to facilitate the proposed scheme.

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Circa. 50m2


CPR Architects, Andrei Construction