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TUD Temporary Library – Rathdown House Refurbishment

TUD Temporary Library – Rathdown House Refurbishment

The refurbishment of Parkhouse was undertaken to provide temporary accommodation for the TUD library and student welfare facilities.

The building dates from circa 1970’s and the structure is a concrete frame with the cores providing bracing. The 4th floor is occupied by a tenant with a long-term lease and the proposed works were undertaken with this floor occupied albeit due to Covid 19 a reduced occupancy.

The scope of the refurbishment works included two new stair cores to provide emergency means of escape at either end of the building. Strip out of internal non-loading bearing perimeter walls on each floor and the construction of a new internal leaf behind the existing cladded façade.

All fixtures and fittings were stripped and back analysis of the existing structure was completed to confirm the existing structures ability to support the proposed refurbishment loads. As part of this assessment, it was established that the loading from the proposed library shelving system exceeded the existing floor capacity. EirEng worked with the architect to develop a strengthening frame solution that sat on top of the existing slab and was integral with the shelving and minimised interventions with the existing structure.

New fire protection was required to the existing concrete frame and EirEng assisted the fire consultant with the structural elements of same.

Externally the decked car park was refurbished which included remedial works to the structure following a detailed assessment by EirEng.

The works were undertaken during the Covid 19 pandemic and government restrictions. The working restrictions imposed due to Covid 19 resulted in a very challenging programme for the works which required all members of the design team to work with a collaborative mindset to ensure a successful delivery.

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Dublin City Council

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8,800m2, €20million