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We are Civil and Structural Engineers with project experience such as mixed-use retail, residential projects and logistics facilities. We operate in Ireland, UK and the Middle East.

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2023 – A Year in Review at EirEng Consulting Engineers

2023 – A Year in Review at EirEng Consulting Engineers

As we reached the end of January 2024 (where’s that gone?), we looked back at the journey we’d been on at EirEng through 2023.

Impressive Stats

Projects Undertaken: We had 185 projects start in 2023.

Projects Completed On-Site: 167 of those active projects were completed. During the year, 12 significant new construction projects were also completed on-site.

Diverse Sectors: 43% of our projects were in the Logistics and Distribution sectors, but we also covered ground in Domestic (18%), Commercial and Residential (15%), Education (12%), Industrial (6%) and Retail (4%).

EIRENG Pie Chart

Notable Project Awards

Some projects we contributed to through our steel connection design services won notable awards in 2023. The Tropical Fruit Warehouse in Dublin received multiple awards, including a commendation at the Structural Steel Awards. Central Plaza Dublin won a Bronze Award at the World Architecture News Awards. Congratulations to everyone involved in these projects – they are testaments to the dedication and innovation embedded in our projects.

ISO9001 Certification

We were certified for ISO9001 by NSAI, officially recognising the processes and workflows in place since EirEng’s inception to control and guarantee our delivery of quality engineering solutions on all projects.

Growing Team

We welcomed new staff members to our Dublin and Bath offices – thank you to Henna Lokchundar, Franceska Zani, and Daniel McGrath for jumping in, rolling up your sleeves and showing us your skills and enthusiasm.


Henna Lokchunda


Daniel McGrath


Franceska Zani

Personal Achievements

Two staff members achieved professional charterships with Engineers Ireland, two achieved project management diplomas, and further staff undertook computational, timber, steel, and concrete design courses. Congratulations to all on their achievements.

Sustainability Approaches

In 2023, we continued to integrate sustainable practices into our projects to improve how our work impacts the environment and communities constantly. We also assessed our business operations and reviewed where we can improve to establish our ESG strategies. Our aim going forward will be to achieve ISO14001 certification and review offset schemes and memberships with associations such as Planet Mark and B-Corp.

We have taken steps to incorporate the counting of Embodied Carbon into our project workflows as a standard to make the reporting on material quantities and the associated embodied carbon of varying construction options available for assessment by our clients and broader project teams. We have explored new technologies and solutions such as the PANDA Structural scheme designer, CREE timber-concrete hybrid structures, and minimising 3D printed post-tensioned beams for our active projects. Our membership with the Timber Association has also marked another step towards sustainable and eco-friendly engineering solutions.

Social Events

EirEng pulled staff together for our usual summer and winter get-togethers this year and lots else between – including axe throwing, pool, airsoft, sailing, pubs, BBQs & Brais, and seaside swimming at the Forty Foot!

Office Summer Social

Charitable and Community Projects

EirEng proudly supported the refurbishment of Seapoint Rugby Clubhouse, a local community club several EirEng staff have called home over the years. We have supported charitable school construction efforts in Zambia and Kenya, contributing to education and community well-being.

As we embark on a new year (well underway now!), we carry the lessons and achievements of 2023 with us on the journey ahead. Here’s to growth, sustainability, and continued success in 2024!

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